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B.S.c / M.Sc Biotechnology

Biotechnology is truly multidisciplinary in nature encompassing several disciplines of basic science and technology. It has rapidly emerged as an area with great potential in virtually all domains of human welfare, ranging from food procession (like Cheese, Yoghurt, Vinegar & Alcohol production) to human health such as production of monoclonal antibodies, DNA & RNA probes, artificial vaccines, drugs like Insulin, Interferon etc.

The range of biotechnological products is increasing rapidly every year, and the 21st Century will be recognized as the Century of Biotechnology. 

B.S.c / M.Sc Microbiology

Microbiology is the vast modern discipline with many different specialties. It has a great a impact on Medicine, Agricultural & Food Sciences, Ecology, Genetics & Biochemistry.

Microbiology is one of the most rewarding subject because it provides the opportunity to be in contact with all the other natural sciences and thus to contribute in many different ways for the betterment of human life

Microbial genetics plays an important role in applied microbiology by producing new microbial varities that are more efficient in synthesizing useful products for human health e.g. antibiotics, hormones etc.    

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